My hair loss started in my early 50’s and continued thinning every year. Having had thick, lush hair when I was younger made this difficult to accept. As every year passed and more and more hair landed in the shower and hand basin I became increasingly self-conscious and more socially withdrawn. I dreaded windy days and situations where my hair loss was very evident.

After two questionable consultations with supposed hair loss “specialist” a recommendation led me to Beverly May hair salon. From the moment I walked into the salon I knew that Bev would be able to help me. She explained options and fitted me for a hairpiece that looked very natural and blended into my own hair. It was an instant transformation and with every day my confidence grew.

Three hair pieces later with Bev expertly adjusting to cater for changes and ensuring that the fit, colour and style were right for me. Thanks to Bev and her supportive staff for really understanding and catering for women like me who have hair loss. Bev’s approach, understanding and skill have combined to help me feel confident once more. Thank you Bev and her team.