Donating Hair For Wigs



Donating hair for wigs at Beverly May Hair Salon

We often get approached by incredibly generous people asking about hair donations for wigs. They want to know what the donation process is and whether we are accepting donations.

The answer is a resounding yes! We cut hair for wig donations, and our hairdressers love to be a part of it. We see so many women who are experiencing hair loss for a range of reasons, from cancer treatments to Alopecia. These incredible life changing programs are an honourable cause to donate your hair to! 

What charity can I donate my hair to in Australia?

There are a number of charities in Australia that will accept hair donations. At Beverly May Hair we  love to support the AAAF’s Wigs for Kids  and Variety Hair With Heart but if there is a particular charity you’d like to support, talk to us when booking your donation appointment!

How long does my hair have to be to donate?

Ideally, 36cm in length or longer. The minimum length of ponytails accepted is 20 cm by Sustainable Salons (to find a sustainable salon you can donate to, click here), however if it’s possible to wait for your hair to grow a little longer it’s strongly encouraged. Wig makers need the hair to be as long as possible to make the best wigs they can.

This is because during the wig making process, some of the hair length is lost on both ends from ‘knotting’ (tying) the hair into the base of the wig and then cutting to style it. For this reason, the donated hair needs to be a fair bit longer than the wigs they will become! 

As there are so many women and girls living with long term medical hair loss, there is a large demand for longer length wigs. So by waiting and making sure your hair donation is as long as possible, you may be helping a woman or girl receive a life changing wig!

How do I measure the length of my hair for donation?

Place the top tie just below where you intend to cut and gently pull the ponytail until straight. Then use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length of your hair from where you have tied the elastic (NOT where you intend for it to be cut). Most of it should reach 36mm. 

When your hair is cut it will be separated into at least four sections for a more generous donation (if your hair is pulled into one ponytail or braid it could result in a loss of up to 12 cm of hair!) So when you’re measuring your hair at home, try separating it into two to four low ponytails.

Can you donate hair that has been dyed?

The Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation and Variety Hair With Heart do not accept hair which has been colour treated, dyed, chemically straightened or chemically curled. It’s best to wait until any kind of dye has completely grown out as the chemicals in these processes may mean the hair fibres will break down during the wig making process.

Sustainable Salons will accept hair that has been dyed, but it will not be eligible for donation to Wigs for Kids.

Can I donate with curly hair?

Yes, you can donate curly hair! Women with all types of hair can experience medical hair loss. To accurately measure your hair, gently pull until straight.

Can grey hair be donated?

Yes, you can donate grey hair! Medical hair loss can be cause by a lifelong condition, and there are most people are looking for the most natural wig possible! The AAAF accept donations of any (natural) colour, ranging from a few grey strands to snow white.

Would you like to donate?

Contact us and talk to our staff about donating your hair! We’d love to hear from you. 

Donating Hair For Wigs