Mesh Integration System

Mesh Integration in Adelaide

At Beverly May Hair we are always searching for ways to help our clients achieve the hair of their dreams. We were looking for something between invisible grafting, toppers and hair extensions… then we found the Mesh Integration System! We received specialised training from the UK and are so excited to offer this service to our clients.

Mesh Integration is a hybrid between invisible hair grafting and hair extensions, but glueless!

Mesh Integration was designed to help those who suffer from hair loss or thinning. We place Hypoallergenic mesh on the crown of the head and gluelessly attach with cylinders. Once the mesh is fit and cut to size, a high quality human hair system is interlaced with your natural hair.

The mesh is completely breathable and there is no need to shave or cut your bio hair. It also won’t stop any natural hair growth underneath! This hair integration system allows women to wear their alternative hair piece permanently for 5 – 8 weeks. We use only the highest quality hair and you’ll be able to sleep in, shower and style your hair system as though it was your own.

The result is a completely natural looking head of hair! Perfect for those looking to add volume, length, and thickness. 

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What If I Have Allergies
A patch test of the cylinder is always recommended. We do this to determine if the client may react to the cylinder (mainly in cases where the client is allergic to certain metals or jewellery).  A cylinder is simply applied into the hair behind the ear and left in for 24-48 hours.
Is The Mesh Visible?

Nope! When correctly fit and cut the mesh integration hair extensions should not be visible to the naked eye. The mesh and cylinders will be covered by the hair system. Even at the part, the mesh won’t be visible!

Will It Look Natural?
The attached system will blend in with your own natural hair! Your piece will be custom cut and coloured in the salon to make sure that you get the most natural, seamless look possible.
Can I Sleep and Shower With The Mesh Integration System?
The hairpiece is made from high quality human hair! This means that you can sleep in, wash, style and dry much as you would your own hair. The mesh is also breathable, which means you can work out without excess sweating. If you have a longer piece, we do recommend braiding or plaiting your hair while you sleep to avoid tangling, tugging and pulling. We do also recommend avoiding chlorine water as it can damage your hair.
How Long Does The Piece Last?
Typically the hair piece lasts approximately 6 months, but may last longer depending on maintenance and care. We recommend adjustments every 5-8 weeks to account for natural hair growth, much as you would classic extensions.
How Is This Different From 'Classic' Hair Extensions?
With mesh integration, a fine mesh layer is placed over the crown of the head. A hair piece is then placed over the top of the scalp. This makes it the ideal solution for women experiencing hair loss or thinning! It creates length and volume from the crown down – as opposed to extensions placed underneath your natural hair.
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How Can We Help You?

You can have the hair of your dreams.

We believe our clients are beautiful inside and out, but they often feel happier and more confident using our systems.

1. Schedule a consult with one of our expert stylists. (Beverly May offers a $100 initial consultation, fully redeemable on any hair replacement product.)

2. Together, we go through your needs and work out your perfect hair loss solution.

3. After selecting your piece, we customise it to suit you.

Like it’s always been yours.