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How To Deep Condition Your Human Hair Wig Or Piece

In this video, Beverly takes you through the deep conditioning process we use here at Beverly May Hair to restore softness, shine, and bounce to our client’s human hair wigs and pieces.

You may notice over time that your human hair wig or piece has lost some of the softness it had when you first purchased it. This happens with even the highest quality of wigs for several reasons, including a lack of exposure to the natural oils of your scalp (as your own bio hair would be) or exposure to certain hair products (like hairspray).

When a human hair wig or piece comes to us needing a little bit of extra TLC this is the deep conditioning treatment we use in the salon. It has a miraculous way of restoring softness, shine and bounce to human hair pieces and, with a few extra products, you can do this at home yourself! In salon we love and use Qaba products. These can be purchased on your next visit to the Salon.

What you’ll need


The Process


  1. Comb through your freshly washed wig or piece to remove all knots and tangles.
  2. The mixture we use is: one 50 cent piece dollop of the Qaba Hair Masque and 2 – 6 drops of the Yako oil. In the salon, we mix up half a container of the Qaba Hair Masque and half a bottle of the drops which we then keep in a plastic jar with a lid.
  3. Using the tint brush, we start with the ends of the hair and move up through the midlengths. Try to avoid the knots at the base of the wig.
  4. Using a wide tooth comb, comb the treatment through the lengths of the hair.
  5. Run hot water through the tap. The water should be hot but not scalding.
  6. Soak the tea towel or hand towel in the hot water.
  7. Place the mannequin head into the plastic bag and then wrap the hot towel over the top of the plastic bag, around the hair. We rest the mannequin head in a bowel capture any water that may leak out of the wet towel. Similar to a facial, the heat infuses the oils back into the hair.
  8. Leave the towel until the towel is cool. Once it’s cool, you may remove your wig or piece from the plastic bag and rinse it off.


For more detailed instructions, watch the above video.