Immediate, discreet, non-surgical hair loss solutions for women.


Beverly May is the ONLY hair replacement salon in Adelaide exclusively for women.

We know that struggling with female hair loss, no matter the cause, can be heartbreaking. We specialise in supporting women who suffer hair loss for any reason, including: chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern balding, thinning hair, trichotillomania, medical hair loss and more.

We help women regain their self-confidence and take back control of their appearance.

Our expert stylists will guide you in finding the perfect hair loss solution for you.

When you walk in, you will immediately know you are in safe, creative and caring hands.

Your hair. Your way.

You don’t need expensive surgery or medical procedures to have full, natural looking hair.

Our handmade hairpieces, toppers, and wigs are available in:

  • Human hair
  • Heat defiant hair
  • Synthetic hair

We can provide our hair replacement products in a wide range of colour options, and our human hair pieces can be further coloured and customised to suit your ideal look. 

Our pieces can be cut and styled to suit you and your lifestyle perfectly. Toppers are seamlessly trimmed into your own hair, wigs are trimmed to shape your face and more.

Our human hair pieces can also be heat styled like your own hair would be, allowing you complete freedom.


Huge Range

We have the largest range of wigs available in Adelaide, and are also able to order in an extensive catalogue of wigs, pieces and custom made toppers.

Private Fitting Rooms

We have two private fitting rooms available for our clients who would be more comfortable having their consult and finding their new look in private.

Qualified Hairdressers

Our expert stylists are not only incredibly experienced in alternative hair, but also incredibly talented cutters and colourists.

How can we help you?

1. Schedule a consult with one of our expert stylists. (Beverly May offers a $100 initial consultation, fully redeemable on any hair replacement product.)

2. Together, we go through your needs and work out your perfect hair loss solution.

3. After selecting your piece, we customise it to suit you.

Like it’s always been yours.

Find the Perfect Solution to Hair Loss in Adelaide

What an emotional time just been diagnosed with Alopecia, losing your locks is devastating, I was embarrassed about being bald. Beverly helped me choose an amazing hair piece that looked like me, I was able to get through the day at work and out and about without people looking at me, thinking I was sick.


Over twelve months ago my daughter Addison was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Earlier this year it came to a point that Addison was needing a hair piece, it was then that we decided that there was something we needed to do. We made an appointment at the Beverly May Hair Salon, and from our first visit in February to getting the piece freshened up in October, the team at Beverly May have been fantastic, they have helped to give my beautiful girl the self confidence she requires. We are so grateful for the help we received, to see my little girl smile and be happy again. Thank you Beverly and staff for all you have done.


I have been seeing Beverly for 5 years and truly found an Angel. My experience has changed my life, giving me self confidence and comfort.

When I began seeing Beverly I found a professional and understanding woman, listening to my needs and giving me a wonderful wig with the comfort and quality with up to date design and manufactured to the highest standards.

People who know me well forget that I do not have hair. I am now confident to do anything. Beverly and her wonderful girls are truly professional and I bless the day that I made that first phone call.


Tips For Blending A Topper. Hi ladies! So in this video Danielle shares a few tips on how to blend a topper into your bio hair (though these tips would work for wigs and custom pieces as well!). A large part of blending is making sure that the colour of your piece is a close colour match to your bio hair! We highly recommend your pieces are custom coloured to make sure they blend as naturally as possible. 👌 ...

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☝️Wearing a helmet with your wig or hair piece 🏍️⁠

As it is well known, wearing a helmet is vital for your safety when riding a motorbike or cycling. However, if you wear your helmet with your wig or piece, it's likely damage to your piece can occur (and at times, a very rapid rate.)⁠

We strongly recommend that you don't wear your wig or piece underneath your helmet. It is best to look for another option, such as a cotton cap or an old alternative hair piece no longer in use. ⁠

Choosing this as a way of preventing damage to your alternative hair will extend the longevity of your piece, while still abiding the law and wearing a helmet.⁠

Of course, safety first. 💜

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Bev with a very special wig — the first human hair wig she ever bought (still going strong!) 😍 This special piece has had a bit of customisation including a silicone strip attached (for comfort) and it’s fabulous bright red colour! Turn on the volume 📣 & listen to Bev talk about why this beautiful wig still remains one of her favourites. 🙌 ...

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One of our key goals is to help women regain their confidence. Receiving your wig, topper or piece is just one piece of the puzzle -- it's also important that you feel confident wearing it!⁠

That means that as part of your alternative hair journey with us, we teach you not only how to put on, blend and wear your hair but also how to care for it. We do in-person lessons on how to wash, style and wear your piece so that when you walk out, you also have peace of mind.⁠

Our stylists have years of experience in alternative hair, and we're here to answer any questions you might have.

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In case you haven’t seen her in the salon yet, this is Ella! Ella is our in house Barbie who also has hair loss. She has multiple fabulous wigs & accessories (today she's wearing her long brown wig!) and she helps some of our younger clients feel comfortable during their salon appointments.

Ella's not just here for our younger clients though, so feel free to say hi. 😉She's here to remind everyone that beauty is not society's standards, that you are 'brave, strong and beautiful', and that your hair loss does not define you. ❤️

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Tag a beautiful soul who has made it through tough times or someone who may need a little encouragement. 💕 Always heartwarming to know someone is thinking of you. ...

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Our hearts were so full when we read this awesome review from @the.alopecia.roller_coaster! Thank you so much Jenna. 🙌
“Even though my hair has grown back, I still have some alopecia spots that come from time to time. Recently I went to see @beverlymayhair as they have some amazing wigs and toppers.

Now, I have had alopecia for over 7 years and I had never heard of a topper before. Well let me tell you, that this hair piece has changed my life. The confidence I have as soon as I put this on is incredible... I no longer have to worry if the wind blows, that my spots are showing or that my hair is so much thinner than it was before my hair loss. I had forgotten what it felt like to have luscious locks! So for my big events or if I want to feel like I have a little extra hair, I put this amazing topper on.

So even if you haven’t lost all of your hair, you have thin hair in general - or just keen for a different look... then I strongly suggest you visit @beverlymayhair for all your needs. They have been amazing in helping me as well as many other women who are dealing with alopecia, cancer treatment or hair loss in general.

If you have alopecia make sure you ask about the Domiciliary Care funding that is available for people with an alopecia diagnosis. Paperwork needs to be completed from a doctor, but it could save you some money (like it did me) 👩🏼‍🦲

This is not sponsored or endorsed by @beverlymayhair, just an amazing business that is doing amazing things for people dealing with hair loss.”

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We don't recommend swimming in your topper or wig as chlorine and sea salt can both dry out your wig, make the hair fibres frizzy, and damage your wig cap. 🌊 ⁠

We suggest wearing your hair up or clipped out of the way, only going up to your neck and not fully immersing your hair in the water. ⁠

Other cute alternatives are some lovely scarves, swim caps, hats (a beautiful, chic sunhat is always a good choice). 👒⁠

If you’re going to immerse your wigs in chlorine or saltwater, it may not be the time to wear your favourite piece. Choose a cheaper, synthetic option and wash it as soon as possible after getting out of the water.

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