Immediate, discreet, non-surgical hair loss solutions for women.


Beverly May is the ONLY hair replacement salon in Adelaide exclusively for women.


We know that struggling with female hair loss, no matter the cause, can be heartbreaking.

We help women regain their self-confidence and take back control of their appearance.

Our expert stylists will guide you in finding the perfect hair loss solution for you.

When you walk in, you will immediately know you are in safe, creative and caring hands.



Run by women, for women.


You can have the hair of your dreams. You no longer need to be limited by hair loss.

We believe our clients are beautiful inside and out, but they feel happier and more confident using our systems.


How can we help you?

1. Schedule a consult with one of our expert stylists. (Beverly May offers a $100 initial consultation, fully redeemable on any hair replacement product.)

2. Together, we go through your needs and work out your perfect hair loss solution.

3. After selecting your piece, we customise it to suit you.

Like it’s always been yours.

Why choose us?

Why choose us

huge range of human hair and synthetic wigs adelaide

With the largest range of handmade hairpieces and wigs in Adelaide, South Australia, you're sure to find one that’s perfect for you!


private changerooms for fitting an additional time to adjust to your new look

At our hair replacement salon in Adelaide, we provide a relaxed and safe environment for you to try on different styles of wigs and hairpieces.


all wigs and extensions are fitted by qualified hairdressers

Our experienced Adelaide hairdressers are onsite to provide you with professional styling, fitting and cutting.


Your hair. Your way.


Coping with hair loss, temporary or permanent, is difficult. We specialize in supporting women who suffer hair loss for any reason, including: chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern balding, thinning hair, medical hair loss and more.


You don’t need expensive surgery or medical procedures to have full, natural looking hair.


Our handmade hairpieces, toppers, and wigs are available in:

✔ Human hair

✔ Heat defiant hair

✔ Synthetic hair


We can provide our hair replacement products in a wide range of color options, and our human hair pieces can be further coloured and customised to suit your ideal look.


Our pieces can be cut and styled to suit you and your lifestyle perfectly. Toppers are seamlessly trimmed into your own hair, wigs are trimmed to shape your face and more.


Our human hair pieces can also be heat styled like your own hair would be, allowing you complete freedom.


Find the Perfect Solution to Hair Loss in Adelaide




Our Client Testimonials


Thank you Melina and Crew at Beverly May Hair. You have given me back my confidence. Suffering with badly damaged very fine hair, I found myself unable to do anything with it. I felt embarrassed and depressed, not wanting to go out because my hair was so brittle and thin. At times trying to cover up bald patches that would appear due to a thyroid problem.Since my first appointment at Beverly May Hair, I was made to feel completely at ease and comfortable. Melina showed so much understanding and compassion and helped me choose a piece that suited me perfectly. I cannot thank you enough.I highly recommend to anyone suffering with hair loss of any kind to give Beverly May Hair a call. I’m glad I did, it’s given me a new lease on life.


Ever since receiving a diagnosis of Lichen panopillaris, an auto-immune disease causing slow, but permanent hair loss. I have been dreading the day that I would need to wear a wig.I found great difficulty accepting that the time had arrived, but I feel fortunate to have come to Beverly and her team. They worked very considerately, professionally and efficiently through the process of preparing and styling my topper. Now that I am finally wearing my hairpiece, I feel very different - highly satisfied with the natural look, and relieved that it is comfortable to wear and easy to manage. I feel much more confident in my appearance and less anxious about the future. My only difficulty is being unsure how to respond to all the compliments about my new haircut.