Immediate, discreet, non-surgical hair loss solutions for women.


Beverly May is the ONLY hair replacement salon in Adelaide exclusively for women.


We know that struggling with female hair loss, no matter the cause, can be heartbreaking.

We help women regain their self-confidence and take back control of their appearance.

Our expert stylists will guide you in finding the perfect hair loss solution for you.

When you walk in, you will immediately know you are in safe, creative and caring hands.



Run by women, for women.


You can have the hair of your dreams. You no longer need to be limited by hair loss.

We believe our clients are beautiful inside and out, but they feel happier and more confident using our systems.


How can we help you?

1. Schedule a consult with one of our expert stylists. (Beverly May offers a $100 initial consultation, fully redeemable on any hair replacement product.)

2. Together, we go through your needs and work out your perfect hair loss solution.

3. After selecting your piece, we customise it to suit you.

Like it’s always been yours.

Why choose us?

Why choose us

huge range of human hair and synthetic wigs adelaide

With the largest range of handmade hairpieces and wigs in Adelaide, South Australia, you're sure to find one that’s perfect for you!


private changerooms for fitting an additional time to adjust to your new look

At our hair replacement salon in Adelaide, we provide a relaxed and safe environment for you to try on different styles of wigs and hairpieces.


all wigs and extensions are fitted by qualified hairdressers

Our experienced Adelaide hairdressers are onsite to provide you with professional styling, fitting and cutting.


Your hair. Your way.


Coping with hair loss, temporary or permanent, is difficult. We specialize in supporting women who suffer hair loss for any reason, including: chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern balding, thinning hair, medical hair loss and more.


You don’t need expensive surgery or medical procedures to have full, natural looking hair.


Our handmade hairpieces, toppers, and wigs are available in:

✔ Human hair

✔ Heat defiant hair

✔ Synthetic hair


We can provide our hair replacement products in a wide range of color options, and our human hair pieces can be further coloured and customised to suit your ideal look.


Our pieces can be cut and styled to suit you and your lifestyle perfectly. Toppers are seamlessly trimmed into your own hair, wigs are trimmed to shape your face and more.


Our human hair pieces can also be heat styled like your own hair would be, allowing you complete freedom.


Find the Perfect Solution to Hair Loss in Adelaide




Our Client Testimonials


I feel very fortunate to live so close to Beverly May Hair.I have had Alopecia for 19 years and in this time my hair has gone and come back, then left me again. I was 13 when this process started, in this time I have worn some shocking wigs....and some good ones. I have not had any hair growth for the last 10 years, my eyelashes and eyebrows....and everything else. Sometimes I wish I had developed the type of Alopecia which only took effect from the neck down. Unfortunately, this does not exist.I have found finding a good wig takes a lot of research and time, it’s not an easy thing to do. When purchasing a wig online, you can’t try it on, you must weigh up the cost against quality and still not be sure of what exactly your receiving.YOU ASK YOURSELF:Will it be comfortable?Will I be able to wear it everyday?For a human hair piece, where did the hair come from?How was it treated?How will I maintain this restyled piece?How long will it last and weigh it against the price I pay?WILL IT FIT?Although I have learnt how to navigate the online wig system, I had not been able to find an easy solution to having a custom made human hair wig, where I felt assured my money would not be going to waste.And so, I was fortunate to have heard about Beverly May Hair.Not only was the salon located in the same state as me, and I was able to go there and touch what I was purchasing in my consult, but Bev also took me through the whole process form fitting to maintenance of my custom piece.Once the custom piece arrived, the service I received was truly amazing and like nothing I had experienced before. Bev styled my hair to suit me and taught me how to achieve the look I wanted. Bev also showed me how to draw on my eyebrows, this was so helpful as I, unknowingly, had been drawing angry eyebrows for a long time.The cost for the custom piece was amazingly reasonable and the service surpassed my expectations. I could not be happier with the results.Thank you so much to Bev and her team for the dedicating you time and work to those who don’t need a normal hairdressers!


I’m so happy I found out about Bev, over the many years that I have been going to Beverly May Hair, both Bev and her wonderful team have been so helpful, and they have provided the up most professional service.Throughout my life I have had very fine hair and I also suffer from Alopecia. When I first started going to Bev’s salon I started with the toppers, I’ve since now moved onto the custom pieces, which I am now on my second one and just so happy with them. My first custom piece Bev matched it perfectly to my natural hair colour, which blended seemly with my own hair.With my new custom piece Bev and I discussed about trying a new colour, Bev found one that she thought I might like, which was darker than my first one. Even though I had been dark previously, (my hair was shorter then) I still found it hard to imagine. When my new custom piece arrived, Bev was able to colour my own hair, which then match the new custom piece perfectly. With Bev’s confidence, she helped me to come to realise, long or short that the darker colour suited beautifully and she was right. I’m so happy with my new custom piece and the darker colour.With my previous custom piece, I had a fringe cut into it, I’ve decided for the moment with the new custom piece to have a side fringe, which at any stage I can change if I decide later to have a full fringe again. I think it’s great that you can have the options to cut more off if need be and think to live with a new piece for a while before deciding on any further cutting is the best way to wear the hair pieces.Thank you again to Bev and her wonderful team for all your help over time and your continued help.