Helen has known Bev for many years, right from the days when Bev owned her salon in the Barossa area, and they have continued a great friendship. In March of 2004, aged 53, Helen had been diagnosed with breast cancer, luckily enough for her, the doctors had caught it early enough and were able to do a lumpectomy and manage it with hormone therapy, preventing the need for chemotherapy or radiation.

Unfortunately, in April of 2012, Helen’s cancer returned, resulting in Helen needing to have a single mastectomy. Not a day goes by that Helen is not constantly reminded of what she has been through. She is a survivor and she lives her life today surrounded by family and friends.

As Helen explains, she is fortunate that her breast cancer is not as bad as others, “it still affects my way of life and my way of thinking”. It is so important, I believe, to listen and share your experience with those too who may be in some way affected by cancer, it’s a word no one wants to hear but it affects us all and those around us.

A strong sense of community in the Barossa area flows through one of the oldest wineries “Seppeltsfield”. The winery in line with breast cancer Awareness in October, have partnered with ABCR through “Moscato Mission” to raise money for Breast Cancer research. The funds raised from each bottle of Moscato sold, 50 percent from each bottle, will be donated to the research. Helen’s son who is a long time employee and VIP guest manager at Seppeltsfield knows all to well, with his mother being affected by cancer, that he and several employees who too have had family members directly affected by cancer, the importance of being able to contribute to such a great cause. He says it has given the team a real sense of pride.

Nigel, Helen’s son, is very proud to be a part of the Moscato Mission, a special highlight for him this year is that he celebrates his 20th year milestone at Seppeltsfield. “To have worn the Moscato Mission badge throughout the month of October makes me think of my mum and all that she has been through”.

Helen, always with a smile on her face.
Helen making the most of life, living life to the fullest and grateful for every day
Helen’s husband who too has been a great support