I received a call from Bev that my new head of hair arrived, I was so happy, I made an appointment to have the fitting done. When I saw my new piece, I was in awe of how beautiful it was, the colour was vibrant, just like I asked for and the fit was perfect. Once we fitted the piece, Bev then did some trimming to complete the look. I love the shape and the ease and wear of my new piece, it’s fantastic.

Bev and her staff are lovely, warm, compassionate ladies, who go out of their way for anyone with hair loss issues, to help them feel good about themselves.

Thank you so much 


After receiving and having my fitting of my new piece, I sent before and after photos to the women over 60 Australian friendship closed group, with a short story of my experience. Well up to date so far I have had up to 447 reactions and 200 comments on how fantastic and natural my new head of hair looks and how wonderful I look.  Many women have decided that they to would do something like this, in fact 4 women from Adelaide are now interested into going forward to having a piece made for themselves. I have since given them details of the Beverly May Hair website and social media pages.

I am so overwhelmed to say the least, thank you, thank you, brilliant job!!!