I’m so happy I found out about Bev, over the many years that I have been going to Beverly May Hair, both Bev and her wonderful team have been so helpful, and they have provided the up most professional service.

Throughout my life I have had very fine hair and I also suffer from Alopecia. When I first started going to Bev’s salon I started with the toppers, I’ve since now moved onto the custom pieces, which I am now on my second one and just so happy with them. My first custom piece Bev matched it perfectly to my natural hair colour, which blended seemly with my own hair.

With my new custom piece Bev and I discussed about trying a new colour, Bev found one that she thought I might like, which was darker than my first one. Even though I had been dark previously, (my hair was shorter then) I still found it hard to imagine. When my new custom piece arrived, Bev was able to colour my own hair, which then match the new custom piece perfectly. With Bev’s confidence, she helped me to come to realise, long or short that the darker colour suited beautifully and she was right. I’m so happy with my new custom piece and the darker colour.

With my previous custom piece, I had a fringe cut into it, I’ve decided for the moment with the new custom piece to have a side fringe, which at any stage I can change if I decide later to have a full fringe again. I think it’s great that you can have the options to cut more off if need be and think to live with a new piece for a while before deciding on any further cutting is the best way to wear the hair pieces.

Thank you again to Bev and her wonderful team for all your help over time and your continued help.

With my new custom piece, darker and a side fringe. So happy with my new look.
My previous custom piece, which was lighter and I had a full fringe.