Beverly May and her staff are devoted and compassionate professionals within their field. Their attention to details and knowledge of their industry are such critical components to the service they provide for their customers.

My journey with Beverly May and her staff is, and is continuing to provide me with all the best options for myself with my permanent hair condition.

The human hair wigs during my transition from continuing gradual permanent hair loss has been exceptional. As you can appreciate it is stressful and takes an emotional toll on oneself and they have all made the process seamlessly. As my head circumference is smaller than the average person they were able to personalise a full hair wig for me moulded to my scalp with many options for the fit of the wig and choosing the materials to accompany the interior of the wig also to best suit me.

Ranges of human hair pieces, colours and styles are unbelievable!

The service does not stop there, it’s ongoing. They teach you and show you how to wash/blow dry/straighten your wig and they also offer the service to care for your wig if you don’t want to wash and blow dry it yourself. With my condition the process is at different stages and they have and can accommodate any changes required to make it work for me which also includes modifying the human wig I currently have to better fit me. Words can not describe the gratitude I have for Beverly May and her staff. They change people’s lives.