One evening in December 2014, We walked in to Beverly May hair salon….the whole village….husband, sister, daughter and son-in-law. With mixed emotions we all marched in. It was a matter of days before my long black straight locks would fall out due to chemo. Beverly took us up to her private rooms, where she has all her wigs. Her reassuring voice calming my nerves and feelings of sadness. Even now, I am amazed at her patience and kindness. In an instant, she replaced all my inhibitions, making me feel like a queen, showing me all the fun wigs I could choose from, I picked “Wanda” (I named my wig). I actually looked forward to my temporary new look, already planning what styles to flaunt.

Step 1: Was hard – chopping off my long dark locks in preparation for the great fall. But with Bev, I had no time for self pity. Her empathy and care during that time was amazing. She actually made it fun.

Step 2: Few weeks later, a bathroom sink full of fallen hair. Clump by clump….but hey, this girl was prepared!!! So no tears in the basin, but a mad dash to Bev’s….where’s Wanda? And there she was!!! With Wanda in hand, sitting her down, prettily on my bare head and showing me different ways I could style her. Be gone chemo and the bald head!!! I must say despite all the medical stuff I was going through at the time, my experience with Beverly May was one I would always remember and cherish.

One year later I did come back to Bev when my virgin hair grew back and I wanted Bev to cut and style my soft black curls. Yes it came back in tiny little curls, I couldn’t get my head around, but Bev to the rescue once again. Thank you, Beverly and your wonderful staff.

P.S. I must add, two years later, I was a bit disappointed when she inquired how my hubby was before checking on me, she remembered his “Australian Curry” more than me.  We all love you anyway 

By the way, my long black hair is back to it’s original state, long, black and straight!!! The wonders of tresses!!!