Turmeric has so many benefits and is becoming one of the fastest growing spices being used in helping people with so many different health issues. Turmeric is not bioavailable, it needs digestive drivers to help get into the blood stream, these include black pepper and an oil which in combination makes the perfect synergy to absorb into the blood stream and do its magic.

Turmeric is mostly commonly known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used as a natural remedy for the treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Turmeric has been found to play a big part in regeneration of brain cells and can potentially aid with neurological damage that may contribute to Alzheimer’s and in Chinese medicine it has been known to help in treating depression.

Studies are showing the possibility that Curcumin (the major bioactive ingredient extracted from the rhizome of the turmeric plant) inhabits the growth of cancer, melanoma as well as slowing the spread of breast cancer to the lungs, however, Turmeric has been reported as being more effective and potent as a whole.

Turmeric has been found to boost the effects of one chemo drug, Paclitaxel and help to reduce the side effects.

One of the many healing properties of Turmeric is Curcumin. The power of Curcumin together with all the other 200 active ingredients of Turmeric have been linked to various health benefits. Something to consider however is that Curcumin is extracted from Turmeric using a chemical process so taking a Curcumin supplement means you are essentially taking a chemical with it so avoid these supplements. Why take one part of something that has so many other incredible compounds (more than 300).


Which is why Beverly May hair salon stock and sell the incredible TURMERIX- a fast acting soluble Turmeric powder of herbs and spices containing contents around 6% making it therapeutic grade. TurmeriX is Registered with Therapeutic Goods Australia and is an all Australian made and owned company made form the very best ingredients.

Due to the blend you don’t have to consume a lot of TurmeriX to reap the benefits it has, just a metric teaspoon daily is all that is needed. It can be taken in your favourite smoothies in the morning or even added to your evening meal, note that when using it for cooking it is best to add TumeriX in your meal after you cook it, as cooking the Turmeric will decrease the therapeutic benefits it claims.

Another favourite of the salon for the consumption of the daily intake of TurmeriX is to mix the Tumerix powder with dark chocolate, nuts and shredded coconut, allow to set then cut into pieces, have a piece everyday, it’s delicious.

Beverly May Hair salon now stock a range of TurmeriX products including Powder form, Capsules (which breakdown in under 10 minutes) and TmX bites (3 bites contain 1 dose of TurmeriX). The range is increasingly growing with more products coming soon including Chai Tea Blend.

The chocolate slices made using Turmeric, shredded coconut and mixed nuts.