3rd July 2018

Being diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 37 was devastating, especially after having a full head of thick long hair. The process was gradual until 2016 when the hair loss was really starting to become more noticeable, winter wasn’t so bad because I was able to cover the hair loss with a beanie, but summertime was hard!! After having had a few medical issues, it was like someone had opened the floodgates and within a six week period the hair loss was huge. So I sought out google and researched places that supplied wigs and hair pieces. Beverly May hair salon stood out from the others, because their clients testimonials were so honest and similar to my own story and the transformation of the before and after shots were truly amazing, you could see the changes in the ladies faces and I wanted to feel that!!

Beverly May is a Godsent!!!

After trying on my custom hair piece, I could not believe the difference it made to my appearance and how natural looking it was. Since I have been wearing my hair piece, the comments from family and friends has been so overwhelmingly brilliant. I would highly recommend Bev and her staff, this condition Alopecia can take a little of your personality and a lot of your confidence, but with the help of Bev and the girls at the salon, it definitely given me back both of these.

Truly Magnificent