19th April 2018

Feeling nervous as we do about our hair, and walking into a salon, and not knowing any of the stylists can be daunting. Yet walking into the salon I was greeted by Beverly May, who has an amazing personality that immediately puts you at ease. Bev listened to how I felt about myself and gave her honest opinion, no question went unanswered. By the time I left the salon, I couldn’t wait to receive my hair piece. Bev gives you great ideas and make you feel like a new woman. The best thing is that people can’t tell that it’s a hair piece, as it looks so natural. I have got my confidence back. My husband, family and friends think I look amazing. I would love to say a big thank you to Bev for giving me the support, it means so much. Bev is such a lovely, compassionate person, she is so down to earth and really understands how you feel. My hair piece is the love of my life. I feel amazing when I get dressed and put on my hair piece. Thank you Bev.