25th May 2018



What a journey! February 24th 2018 was the best day of my life ❤ I got to marry my soul mate after a fateful twelve years of knowing each other.

The day was a dream, my father in law (who made it extra special since he had only just been treated recently with throat cancer) played as I walked down the aisle with my father, I was grinning from ear to ear as I was looking at my Prince Charming waiting for me at the end of the aisle…I felt the best I had ever felt, emotional and physically too! My hair look amazing 🙂

February 25th 2018, the very next day, I woke up with a lump on my neck…what was this? So many thoughts went through my mind!

I went to see the doctor,  thinking it wouldn’t be anything, then before I knew it I am being told to go and have an ultrasound…I just wanted some antibiotics, as we were heading off to Bali the next day to start our honeymoon???

What was happening???

The Radiologist told me the lumps look abnormal- I think I blacked out when I heard the words lymphoma.

I was told to go straight back to my doctor. I did, the original doctor had left for the day, so I saw another doctor instead. (Note: both were not my GP’s nor was it my normal doctors practice). The second doctor who saw me after my ultrasound, dismissed everything the radiologist said. He looked in my ears and up my nose and said no it’s sinuses, and that the lumps would go away in a few weeks…

I choose to believe the easier news. We then started our honeymoon like to carefree lovebirds, enjoying a well deserved break.

Fast forward six weeks after the wedding day.

I’m sitting in the surgeons office after just having had a (2nd) biopsy on my neck…six weeks pregnant.

A few weeks later it was confirmed, I have high grade Hodgkin lymphoma, stage 2. In order for testing and treatment I had to give up a dream and terminate our baby.

Two days after my first chemo treatment, I went into the Beverly May hair salon, and after that day a lot changed.

Beverly spent uninterrupted time with me, going through a variety of suitable wigs. She listened to what I needed and provided me with suitable wigs, the hair was beautiful. Bev really listened to my story, being very empathetic and caring.

Beverly heard me say that I was going to shave my head, Bev mention that I could donate my hair to the Alopecia association for children suffering from Alopecia, an option for my well looked after post wedding hair! This made me happy. The silver lining of the whole losing my hair situation, a beautiful child will get to feel normal.

Melina shaved my head and made me feel so beautiful. I will never forget the confidence and strength I got from that day.

Just a beautiful, supportive and empathetic environment.

I can’t thank Beverly May and her team enough.

They started this process for me in a positive way, that I truly believe, it has help me to start to heal better.



25th May 2018
Beautiful Michelle before and after photo. After having her hair shaved.
25th May 2018
Michelle’s hair which she has donated to the Alopecia Association for children suffering with Alopecia.
25th May 2018
Michelle looking stunning on her wedding day. February 24th 2018.
25th May 2018
Thank you to Michelle for sharing her beautiful photos from her wedding.
7th June 2018
The three stages Michelle with her own hair (top photo) before we shaved it and Michelle wearing her human hair wig (bottom photo) we coloured for her, to match her original hair.