10th August 2018

As a child and teenager, I had thick wavy chestnut red hair, which was my crowning glory. In my early twenties my hair started falling out, due to androgenic Alopecia, which was absolutely devastating for my self confidence and caused me to become withdrawn and conscious of my appearance. My hair became so thin that I couldn’t wear it down anymore. I tried to cover the thinning with “sprinkles” and dry shampoo which dried my hair out and probably led to more breakage.

I cannot thank Bev and her amazing team enough for taking the time to help me find the right piece, and give me advice on how to style and care for my piece, and for sharing their own stories. I absolutely love my new hair, the colour is a perfect match to my natural hair colour, it looks so natural and has completely changed my appearance. I am regaining my confidence and no longer avoid having my photo taken.

Thank you everyone at Beverly May hair for the amazing work you do!!!