5th June 2018



My alopecia began when I was ten years old, with my first spot appearing at the back of my head. I was given a steroid cream to help my Alopecia.

By age thirteen – My bold spot began to become more prominent, more hair was being lost from the back of my head, fortunately not so noticeable when I wore my hair down. My first year at high school was difficult, as I started to lose more hair, it was becoming more and more noticeable, even when I wore my hair down. By this stage I had tried many different treatment options: steroid cream, natural remedies and medications (prescribe by Naturopath) and going to see a paediatrician and dermatologist specialising in hair loss.

By age fourteen – My hair fell out extremely quick, soon I was left with nothing on my head. My body was left almost hairless, I lost my eyelashes and eyebrows and my legs and arms were left patchy. At the beginning of my second year of high school I had to purchase a wig, my first of many wigs. My first wig was a synthetic wig, which I found to be awful, the wig only look good for the first couple of weeks, then became gritty, rough and thick. Because of this I had many wigs by the time I finished school, one for school, one for playing sports and others for work and going out.

When I moved to Adelaide to study at University, I continued to wear my wigs, I found this difficult as I was hoping that the older I got that my hair might just grow back.

I then started searching everywhere for different wigs, but what I found or tried on looked fake, all I was wanting was a wig that looked real, natural and was comfortable to wear.

When I was twenty one – I came across Beverly May Hair on instagram, I couldn’t believe what I found and even more shocked to see the salon was in Adelaide. I immediately phoned the salon to organise an appointment to discuss my problem and to look at purchasing a custom made human hair piece.

My piece took up to four months to make, when it arrived I knew the wait was worth it, it was so natural looking, felt amazing and sat so comfortably on my head.

My new piece has given me an unbelievable amount of confidence, it’s been life changing. I now have great hair and for the first time I love wearing my custom made human hair piece.

I’ve become more open now and comfortable about discussing my condition. I tell people I’m wearing a piece, if people ask, as I’m so proud of my piece and want people to know we’re I got it from.

I’ve been wearing my first piece from Beverly May for over a year now and could not imagine wearing a piece from anywhere else.

The beginning of 2018 – My hair started growing back in patches on my head, Ive also got some eyelashes and eyebrows growing back and my legs and arms hair too is growing back in patches. Alopecia is a weird thing, my hair started growing back randomly after eight years of no hair. The only thing that changed this year was the completion of my University studies, so not sure if my Alopecia was greatly related to stress???

I have just recently received my second custom made human hair piece from Bev and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

I’m so grateful I found Beverly May and her amazing team. They make you feel so comfortable in the salon, it’s such a safe place for me when I’m there, with caring and compassionate people helping me through my Alopecia condition. I am so thankful for them. Thank you Beverly and your wonderful team, for all you do.

5th June 2018
Before and after of Julianna
5th June 2018
Before fitting Julianna with her custom made human hair piece.