How things can go wrong

5th May 2018

A new client purchased a custom made wig, which cost her over $1,000 from elsewhere. She had to wait over nine months for it to arrive. After a long and much anticipated wait, this is what she was presented with – a custom made wig which was not only the wrong colour and length, but it also didn’t fit. It was far to large, even though her head had been measured. This was not the custom made wig the client was expecting, after paying for it and having to wait so long. She was left distraught and very upset, not able to wear it or have any use for it. Since this has happened to her, she has come to see Bev from Beverly May Hair, for a consultation, to see if Bev could help her. Bev took the time to correctly measure the clients head, and to discuss the style, colour and length the client desired. After a 4 month wait, she was presented with a new custom made wig, which she now wears with much pride and happiness. She has been wearing her custom made wig now for 12 months. She says she can now face each and every day with confidence. She is so much happier and her smile has since returned after all the disappointment she had previously been through.

5th May 2018
The custom made wig by Beverly May on your left, made to fit, comfortable and is of better quality and more durable.
5th may 2018
The custom made wig on your left (blonde hair) by Beverly may, made to the specification the client wanted, unlike the one on the right the client received from elsewhere.