15th October 2018

When I found out that I was losing my hair, I went to see a skin specialist, who gave me a cream to put on my head, but it wasn’t working.

Whilst at the specialist waiting for my appointment, I noticed brochures from Beverly May hair, I read the info inside the brochure and thought, I’ll give it a go. I thought maybe I’ll shave my hair and wear a wig.

I made an appointment to see Bev at Beverly May hair salon, during our consultation Bev examined my hair loss problem, I told Bev what I had in mind, shave my hair and wear a wig, Bev immediately said “no way, you don’t have to do that!” Bev explained to me that all I needed was a hair piece. Bev showed me a hair piece she thought would suit perfectly for my hair problem, my husband had come with me to my appointment and to his astonishment he said “Oh my God you would not know that you had a hair piece on!”

Now thanks to Bev and all her help and expertise, I have now regained my confidence and feel so happy. I would highly recommended Bev and her team to anyone who too may be suffering with hair loss.

Thank you Bev for all your help, it’s greatly appreciated ❤️