7th June 2018

I work as a nurse in a hospice, this year is my 26th year. I have very thin hair and at the front of my head, I have a very distinct bold patch. Having been asked many times if I had cancer, this was beginning to really effect my self esteem. I felt a real need to hide this patch.

I went to Melbourne, and brought what I could afford, a synthetic wig. I wore this wig with confidence, as the patch was unable to be seen, until bed time. I got many compliments, with many people asking who cuts my hair.

My wigs were starting to wear out their used by date of fashion and appearance. Through a dear friend of mine, she put me onto Beverly from Beverly May Hair.  I made my first appointment, upon arriving at the salon, my heart began pounding, waliking in, I thought to myself I don’t belong here, but the moment I was in there I was greeted by Bev’s staff, I could breath again. Bev and her staff are extremely courteous and empathetic. They have the upmost respect for women with hair loss.

Bev made me feel I had this wonderful demeanour and head full of hair, which I did not. Bev’s expertise is amazing, you can feel her mind continually ticking over with positivity and achievement. After all a womans hair is her crown and glory, and the first thing people notice.

I now have my new designer look, all I need now is a new wardrobe and make-up artist, and I’m ready to roar. I will be a true advocate for this fabulous business, I truly thank each and everyone of you, especially Bev, who makes women feel like they belong, giving us the opportunity to grow and enjoy life to the fullest.

Hair loss is painful, in that it destroys your inner beliefs about who you are and what you look like. Unless you have a flair for hair design, you can not create the wow factor we would all like, just that once.

My heartfelt thank you again.