23rd April 2018

My whole life I have dealt with my fine hair, always thinking this was what I would just have to live with, well that was until I meet the amazing Beverly May, an Angel, who helped transform my fine hair, and helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. Beverly suggested I have a custom made hair piece made, and thus the journey began with getting one made, when my piece arrived and I had it fitted I was in absolute awe, what my custom made hair piece has given me is the long thick hair I so desired, but thought could never have. The confidence and boost it has given me is far beyond words could ever express. To feel a sense of happiness, to feel feminine, to know I now no longer have to worry about my fine hair, is such a blessing. I love my new hair and love that I can now always have good hair days, it’s so good. What Bev has done for me and so many other women faced with this dilemma is just incredible. Beverly you truly are an amazing woman, your care and compassion for every person you help is a beautiful reflection of the beautiful person you are. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do, you and your amazing team have helped to give so many women of all ages their confidence and happiness back and put a smile on their face that speaks volumes, it really means so much. XX