21st May 2018

We would like to express our appreciation for your assistance and support in leading us through the process of organising a wig for Anna.

Anna was born with a congenital immune disorder called Omenn syndrome. She spent the first twelve months of her life in hospital in isolation, and underwent a bone marrow transplant at nine months of age. She has some complications from this, including neurological damage and endocrine deficiencies. Her underlying condition damaged her follicles, so she has always had very little hair.

A few years ago, someone suggested to Anna that she might Iike to try a wig. She loves brushing her friends hair and always dreamed of having long, brown hair. She tried a couple of ready made wigs on, however they were too large for her small head, and felt uncomfortable on her bare scalp. They just didn’t look right.

As she has gotten older, Anna has learned for herself that her self-esteem does not need to depend on having long hair, walking well, or even being able to do what others can do. She is a caring, considerate and loving girl who looks out for her friends, is always respectful and kind, and knows that who you are is more important than what you can do. We are proud of Anna’s resilience, and of the way she makes the most of every opportunity, and does everything to the best of her ability.

Once she turned fifteen, Anna decided she would again like to explore options for wigs. We visited several salons and shops, and came across Beverly May Hair. Upon meeting Bev we found her to be understanding, helpful and professional, as are her team. A mould was made of Anna’s head, and then from there we were then given time to think through styles and colours Anna might like, guiding Anna without pushing her. Anna found a style she liked, based on a TV model, and it was thought this was appropriate and achievable. She did find the four months wait difficult, but also enjoyed the anticipation and excitement.

Anna’s wig is lovely, and the colour and style suits her beautifully. As her Mother, I found it a little confronting at first, seeing my daughter with hair, but I have gotten used to it quite quickly as it looks so natural. We are still getting used to taking care of it, and finding we need extra time in our morning routine to put it up in a pony tail or plaits for school. She is already planning her next style…longer, so that she can do more with it! She is looking forward to her school formal next year, when she will be able to have her hair styled just like the other girls!

Thanks to Beverly May for your help!

Cherly (Anna’s mum)

21st May 2018
Before and after shots of Anna, she is so happy with her new hair its brought her so much happiness and she cant stop smiling.
21st May 2018
Before and after shots of Anna. Loving the colour and length.