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Intensive Hair Treatment

Intercosmo I’lMagnifico


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The magnificent Intercosmo is the first revolutionary spray-intensive mask that solves the ten most common problems that plague the modern woman’s hair, all at once. This mask allows you to achieve 10 unmatched benefits at once: repair damaged hair, discipline frizz, protects against heat, facilitates straightening, gives shine, maintains the color longer, detangles the hair, the body and increases the volume fine hair, prevents split ends and keeps the hair style longer. A unique result: hair is not only strong but also beautiful.

A real magic wand, an innovative and multifunctional treatment, combining texture and properties of a mask with the convenience and speed of a spray, which, once tried you cannot live without.

Intercosmo Il Magnifico, is not only a unique and extraordinary product, but also practical and easy to use. A leave in treatment, once applied on damp or dry hair it acts directly to offer beautiful & healthy hair.

Thanks to this new product, you will not have to waste time in front of the mirror because it is the only mask so fast and efficient, which is capable to achieve 10 benefits over time in a spray formula. A revolution in hair care that we have already promoted with honours!

Repairs damaged hair
Controls frizz
Heat protection
Easier ironing
Offers shine
Hair colour protection
Facilitates detangling
Adds body
Prevents split ends
Long lasting hairstyle

How to use:
It can be applied on both wet and dry hair directly and without rinsing, it can be used anywhere and at any time.

150ml bottle