I was diagnosed with frontal fibrosing Alopecia at the age of 34, just nine weeks before I was to immigrate to Australia from the UK. This meant that every time I lost hair, the actual follicle scarred over and it is a permanent form of hair loss.

I was advised to find a good dermatologist when I arrived in Australia, which I did. The result was an almost permant dose of steroid to slow the process down but ultimately I knew I would lose my hair.

The steroid made me feel a “bit off” and I knew the long-term side effects were not positive so I chose to just let nature take it course.

My husband could not have been more supportive and has always made me feel beautiful, with or without hair and I don’t think I could have coped as well as I did or do now.

I remember the day when I realised I could not hide my thinning hair any longer and decided to purchase a wig. This was more daunting than being told I would permanently lose my hair!

My first day driving to work with my “ new hair” was traumatic, I felt so nervous, so different. Guess what, the males in the office never even noticed and all the girls said “wow, your hair looks great” and that was that, no more said…..From that day I decided to be proud of my hair and proud of myself and wear my hair with confidence.

I have since had a little boy (now 4) who will happily tell me to “put your hair on mummy, we need to go” if we are leaving the house. My husband and boy don’t even register the difference but I need my hair “on” to go out in public – I’m not that confident!!

Life pre Alopecia was really not that different and there are aspects of my life which are actually better with Alopecia – I never have a bad hair day! I go to Body Combat twice a week and wear a tight-fitting headband and the windy walks on the beach just means I need a cool beanie. I am blessed with my life and now quite enjoy the comments I get about my beautiful hair – little do they know it’s nto really mine!! I smile and think yep, I’m 43, I’m bald and I’m truly happy – I hope this story helps anyone who is feeling a litttle less confident.