I feel very fortunate to live so close to Beverly May Hair.

I have had Alopecia for 19 years and in this time my hair has gone and come back, then left me again. I was 13 when this process started, in this time I have worn some shocking wigs….and some good ones. I have not had any hair growth for the last 10 years, my eyelashes and eyebrows….and everything else. Sometimes I wish I had developed the type of Alopecia which only took effect from the neck down. Unfortunately, this does not exist.

I have found finding a good wig takes a lot of research and time, it’s not an easy thing to do. When purchasing a wig online, you can’t try it on, you must weigh up the cost against quality and still not be sure of what exactly your receiving.


Will it be comfortable?

Will I be able to wear it everyday?

For a human hair piece, where did the hair come from?

How was it treated?

How will I maintain this restyled piece?

How long will it last and weigh it against the price I pay?


Although I have learnt how to navigate the online wig system, I had not been able to find an easy solution to having a custom made human hair wig, where I felt assured my money would not be going to waste.

And so, I was fortunate to have heard about Beverly May Hair.

Not only was the salon located in the same state as me, and I was able to go there and touch what I was purchasing in my consult, but Bev also took me through the whole process form fitting to maintenance of my custom piece.

Once the custom piece arrived, the service I received was truly amazing and like nothing I had experienced before. Bev styled my hair to suit me and taught me how to achieve the look I wanted. Bev also showed me how to draw on my eyebrows, this was so helpful as I, unknowingly, had been drawing angry eyebrows for a long time.

The cost for the custom piece was amazingly reasonable and the service surpassed my expectations. I could not be happier with the results.

Thank you so much to Bev and her team for the dedicating you time and work to those who don’t need a normal hairdressers!