Wigs, Hairpieces and Extensions: What to Expect

Are you breaking into the world of hair replacement products and looking for some more information on wigs, hairpieces and extensions? Maybe you have recently purchased one of these products and don’t quite know what to expect.

Aren’t you lucky you found this article! Read on for information on what to expect with wigs, hairpieces and extensions.

What Happens When You Buy a Wig or Hairpiece?

If you have decided to purchase a wig or hairpiece – as a replacement for hair loss or as an accessory – there are a few things you’ll have to consider:

What Style Do I Want?

You can usually get a wig or hairpiece in absolutely any style that you want, especially if you choose a salon that custom makes wigs and hairpieces and has on-site hairdressers to help with your styling needs.

If you’re going for this hair replacement solution, then you may want to stick to a style that you’re familiar with as a safe option. However, this is also your chance to really try something different! You won’t have to worry about people noticing that you’re not wearing your real hair. They’ll be too busy complimenting your style choice and courage in changing it up! From short and sassy to long and luxurious and every style, colour and texture in between, you really have a hand in getting the look you’ve always wanted.

If you’re purchasing a hairpiece, make sure you talk to your stylist to ensure that the hairpiece and your natural hair blend perfectly.

What is My Scalp Size?

Not a question that you have to answer often, but alas, you’ll need to determine this number. If you want to measure it at home, simply measure the circumference of your head with a soft tape measure. Go from the hairline, behind the ear, around the nape and then back around to the front hairline. Average size is about 55.8cm. Large is 58.4cm and petite/average is 54.6cm.

What Wig Construction Do You Want?

Underneath that gorgeous head of hair will be a wig construction. They each have their pros and cons in terms of appearance, flexibility, durability and cost. The main choices are:

  • 100% hand tied
  • Lace front
  • Monofilament top

Human Hair or Fibre?

Human hair, like Remy human hair, has the most natural look and feel and it is durable and longer lasting. However, it requires more maintenance than synthetic hair, especially after washing, and it’s often more expensive.

Fibre or synthetic hair can often look and feel very similar to human hair, and it requires little maintenance. However, it is less durable and usually lasts between 4 to 8 months. Synthetic hair also has limited styling versatility as you cannot apply heat.

Hair Extensions and Expectations

There are many great reasons to get hair extensions, whether you need a solution to thinning hair or just want to give yourself a little extra volume and length. Here are some things to consider:

Human vs Synthetic Hair

You get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing hair. Remy human hair is the highest quality, virgin, unprocessed hair. It is also the most expensive. Getting a lower grade or even synthetic hair is a cheaper option if you only wear your wig occasionally.

Which Application is Best for You?

You want your hair extensions to look as natural as possible, so DIY clips are probably not your best option. At Beverly May Hair in Prospect, you can choose between three of our own application options.

TRU points is a gentle application that involves attaching a link of your new TRU point to a lock of your hair. These are re-usable time and again, so it’s a great investment.

TRU skins are created to look like strands falling naturally from individual follicles. They are attached using Beverly May’s unique fastening system via multiple points. You get far less tension on the natural hair and you don’t have to deal with damaging glues and chemicals.

TRU tips are the best application system for those who like to wear their hair up. It is a Beverly May Hair patented system that involves attaching single lengths of hair to many anchor points. The result? Undetectable thickness, length and volume.

Book a free consultation with Beverly May Hair salon in Prospect today to learn more about what you can expect with wigs, hairpieces and extensions.