Wig Shopping – Tricks, Tips and Advice

If you’re suffering from hair loss or you’ve lost your hair due to a medical condition, consider human hair wigs.

Buying a wig may seem like a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with the right support network, you can find a luscious wig that will help you regain your confidence. Buying a wig is a personal experience and it should be treated as such. Beverly May Hair understands the importance of finding the right wig and we are here to help.

The important thing to consider when going for Wig Shopping- Tricks, Tips & Advice!

Head Size

You need to know the size of your head to find the right headpiece. Women’s wigs come in 3 basic sizes,

  • Petite
  • Average
  • Large

To ensure that you are fitted with the right wig, accurate measurements are required. Have a friend or consultant snugly (but not too snugly) fit tape around the circumference of your hairline. Have them measure the hairline at least twice to ensure the numbers are accurate.

To properly measure your head, start at the top of the forehead and trace all the way around the hairline. Go behind your ears to the nape of your neck and behind your opposite ear, finishing at the front of the measuring tape.

Hair and Cap Type

Wigs are most commonly made from 3 types of hair.

  1. Human Hair
  2. Synthetic Hair
  3. Heat-friendly synthetic hair

Many cancer patients prefer the versatility of human hair wigs. They allow you to style the piece to your liking, effectively restoring your appearance. However, synthetic hair is just as comfortable and will keep its shape. It appeals to patients that don’t have time to style their wig or who aren’t comfortable with human hair.

Choosing your hair type will also depend on the type of cap you need for your wig. Caps will keep your wig sitting properly on your head and they give your hair a natural look. In fact, the right cap will make your wig look just like a natural hairline!

Style and Colour

Start by choosing the right style for your hair. If you need help deciding on a style, Beverly May Hair will happily guide you.

Once you have found your style, have fun with colour. Many people like to match the colour of their eyebrows but why stop there? With a new hair piece, you could achieve the colour you’ve always wanted, reflecting your unique personality and vibrancy!

With professional advice and care, your new wig will look just like normal hair. A wig is a versatile accessory that will complement any head size and shape. By choosing a style that suits your facial features, a wig will do wonders for your confidence.

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At Beverly May Hair, we believe in empowering women to restore their confidence. Whether you want a custom-made piece or a human hair wig, our team is here to help. If you’re suffering from alopecia or you’ve just begun chemotherapy treatment, talk to our friendly experts. To find out more about our wigs, get in touch with us today on (08) 8232 3448.