Wig Myths – 4 Things You Should Know

Not many women love the idea of wearing a wig. After all, the name itself isn’t exactly a pretty one, and with popular culture giving us the worst examples of potential toupee-wearing personalities (we’re looking at you, Trump), it’s understandable that wigs are getting a bad rap.

If you are in need of hair replacement solutions, don’t let bad examples and old wives tales put you off. There are many misconceptions and preconceived notions about wigs that are simply not true. Wigs can be a perfectly viable option for those who require them and even for those who just want to try on a new look.

We’ll dispel a few myths below so that you can feel good about going to your specialised hairdresser and walking out with the perfect, natural-looking wig.

Myth 1: Wigs Are Noticeable

Nowadays, you can wear a wig and no one could possibly know. When you choose the right hairdresser, like Beverly May Hair in Prospect, you put yourself in the hands of professional stylists who not only hand make wigs and hairpieces out of the best materials (human hair, synthetic), but also give you a professional fitting, cutting and styling by on-site hairdressers with experience with this kind of thing. You’ll walk out looking natural and also glamorous!

Myth 2: You Have to Tape Your Wig to Your Scalp

While tape is involved sometimes, it’s not the type of tape you buy at Kmart and is not always required. There’s ‘toupee tape’ that firmly holds the wig in place there are also clips and even special glues.

Myth 3: Wigs Make Your Head Sweat

Sweating is natural, whether you’re wearing a wig or not. If you find that your head doesn’t sweat when wearing a wig, then it is probably a cause for concern. You don’t notice your head sweating when you’re not wearing a wig because the air around you absorbs the sweat. If you notice it while wearing a wig, then simply buy a HeadlineIT to wear under the wig to absorb the sweat and keep your wig in place.

Myth 4: Wearing a Wig Prevents Hair Growth

Wigs most certainly do not prohibit your hair from growing. Hair growth, as gross as it is to think about, is your body’s natural way of expelling dead blood cells.

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