I meet with ladies and children with hair loss almost daily in my line of work. Many of them come to me for new hair ultimately, but also they come to me for my advice.

I use to take it for granted that every client was ‘experienced’ as a wig wearer and that they fully ‘understood’ what they were actually asking for. It became obvious that although all the information was online and out there about different wigs and systems that many people still were very confused by the whole wig and hair piece world! And to be honest ….. when I sat back and looked at it all I was not surprised at how people were getting their head in a spin over everything!

The amount of choice we have available to us is immense! Which, in one way is a good thing, but in another way, extremely confusing.

We have the choice of Heat Defiant Wigs, Human Hair Wigs, Invisible Hair Grafting. Then throw into the beg the generous amounts of materials and styles of knotting –  monofilament, poly, silicone, french lace, silk, double knot, single knot the list goes on. …… There are so many options to consider

Although all this choice is great, it can also make the process of buying your new hair feel like it’s impossible. I really do believe that this is where I come into it. I meet with new clients all the time that have come to me, from a different company and they are really struggling with their choice of hair. Some have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the perfect fit for them and their lifestyle and keep failing to find that ‘perfect’ new wig or piece.

The most IMPORTANT part of my job and the part I enjoy the most.  Is meeting with clients and going through all the options available to them. The very first thing I do once we get sat down with a cup of coffee and a gourmet brownie is to go through the client details form, which has a questionnaire on it.
Some questions that I ask:

  • Reason for your visit?
  • How frequently do you plan to wear your new system?
  • Do you like to change the style of your hair often?
  • Do you play sports often / go to the gym?
  • How confident are you in styling your hair

These questions may seem a little silly or redundant to some people, and i just want to point out that I don’t ask them in a ‘checklist’ style,  I work the very important checklist into our conversation ….. most people don’t even realise I am even asking them questions that are relevant to their hair loss or situation!

Why do i ask these questions? Explanations are below …

  • Reason for your visit? How my client answers this question gives me a good indication of how they are coping with their hair loss. I have met with people who are truly devastated by their hair loss and when we are upset and grieving for our hair we struggle to take in information about wigs / systems. It almost feels like they are in shock. If this is the case, I know to take things very slowly and to go over things more than once. A 2 hour consultation is not unheard of in a situation like this.
  •  How frequently do you plan to wear your new system? Some wigs / systems are designed for extended wear, others are not. Again, your answer to this questions helps me understand what is going to work the best for you.
  • What have you tried before? This tells me what you have tried in the past and what has not worked for you as you would have hoped.
  • Do you like to change the style of your hair often? This gives me a good indication of what will best suit your needs, human hair or synthetic.
  • Do you play sports often / go to the gym? If yes, you need to feel extra secure and Invisible Hair Grafting might be the best option for you


You can see that by using my checklist, I am able to gain valuable information about the individual client, because we are all individuals. What suits one person will probably not suit another person quite so well

The most important thing about wigs and hair pieces is that the wearer mus feel confident and comfortable.


Love Beverly