A few days ago, we received a call from a hairdresser in the country, his client had purchased a customised wig from one of our competitors, and he was really upset for her that her wig was “horrible” and asked if we could help her.  Of course we told her to come on in and that hopefully we could do something to make the wig fit and be more comfortable for the wearer.. Unfortunately when she arrived from Port Augusta we quickly realised there was nothing we could do for her.

Her wig that she had forked out over $3,000 was useless, it was not finished off properly – I dare say most of the hair will fray and fall out over the next month, as the side weren’t even stitched, the wig had a big crease in it where they had tried to make is smaller for her (it was like a big fat sausage roll in the middle of her wig) The wig was that poorly made there was no coming back from it….. If you don’t believe me check out this image of the piece…


Note the tuck in the back, which had been stitched down


Here you can see where the piece has not been finished off properly, which will cause the ends to fray


Horrible isn’t it? We felt so bad for the client as she had invested so much money and time in this wig… What’s my point you may be asking… well my point is, always make sure you research the company you are purchasing a wig from, make sure there is a qualified hairdresser on site, to help cut and fit your wig, make sure they have experience with customisation and most importantly ask to see their wigs, check inside the wig, check that the work is top notch.

Wigs can be a huge investment and you don’t want an inferior product.


Here is one of our customised wigs, note the nicely finished edges


This piece fit like a glove on our clients head

Wig customisation: It’s important. Simply because it allows you to look and feel exactly how you have always wanted to.