Things to Avoid with Your Wig

At Beverly May, we understand the importance of looking after your hairpiece. If you have recently invested in a wig, we can happily advise you on how to best maintain it.

What Not to Do

It is easy to forget that wigs need to be looked after. If you are new to wearing a wig, there are a few things you should avoid when caring for it, these include:

Not Forgetting to Wash It

Just like your natural hair, wigs need to be washed regularly to help keep their shape. Of course, it’s easy to forget this as it is a headpiece and not our real hair. As a reminder, always mark down when you need to wash your wig on a calendar or your phone. The experts at Beverly May Hair can advise you on how frequently you need to wash your new wig.

Choose the Right Material

Wigs come in both human and synthetic hair, and it’s important to choose the right material. If your scalp is sensitive, it is best to avoid synthetic wigs, as the material may cause itchiness. Your hair specialist will assess your scalp prior to purchasing to find the right material for you.

Forgetting to Take a Break

Wearing a wig can restore your confidence, whether you’re having chemotherapy treatment, you suffer from alopecia or you just have thin hair. However, it is important to remember that your hair piece needs to rest. Over-wearing your wig can cause it to wear out quicker and it may affect your natural hair. Unless you have complete hair loss, you must look after your natural hair, too. Talk to the experts at Beverley May Hair about how often you should be wearing your wig.

Ensure You Have the Right Size

Don’t make the mistake of measuring your own scalp and misjudging the size of your head. This can lead to incorrectly fitted wigs and a lengthy correction process. Always speak to a professional for a fitting as the first step in your purchase.

Let It Breathe

After a wash, you need to hang your wig on a wig stand to let it dry properly. This is also important at night before you go to bed. Keeping your wig placed on the stand will help it to keep its shape and allow oxygen to filter through the hair fibres.

Avoid Adhesives

This goes back to incorrect sizing. When fitting a wig, it is best that it is fitted with a cap to make the hair look more natural. Applying your wig with adhesive to your scalp can cause irritation and will damage the piece.

Looking after you hair wig is a simple process but one that must not be forgotten. If you are worried about the health of your hair or wig, talk to Beverly May Hair. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire maintenance process of human hair wigs. Contact us today on, (08) 8232 3448 and we’ll gladly help you out.