What Hairstyles Are Best for Your Face Shape?

For some women, buying a wig is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. It is a life-changing moment in a ladies life, as she enlists professional stylists to assist with generating a new look and restoring confidence.

Before any woman starts browsing for a hairpiece or wig, she must first determine what style’s suit her face.

Here’s a quick guide from the team at Beverly May Hair

The Shape of Your Face

To find the right look for your wig, you need to know what your facial shape looks like. To determine the shape of your face, pull your hair back to reveal the top of your forehead. Your face will fall into one of six categories:

  1. Oval – the forehead is slightly wider than the chin. Length of the face is around one and a half times that of the width
  2. Round – The face is of equal length and width with prominent, rounded cheeks
  3. Oblong – Not to be confused with an oval shaped faced. Oblong shaped faces will have a longer shape (compared to an oval shape) and a narrow chin
  4. Diamond – A narrow forehead and jaw line; cheekbones are at the widest point of the face
  5. Heart – Wider cheekbones and forehead, with a narrow chin and jaw line
  6. Square – Square chin and a prominent jaw. Forehead and jaw line are roughly the same width

It’s important to remember that your face may not perfectly match a single shape. Try and choose the shape that best resembles your face and ask your friends and family for their opinion. If you are not completely sure, speak to a consultant to determine the shape of your face.

Look for Inspiration

Once you know what shape your face is, you can start to research styles and looks that you love. This is the fun part!

Try looking to celebrities that you like for inspiration. Does your favourite singer or actress rock a style that gets heads turning? Perhaps that celebrity has similar features to you, making it easy to adapt their hairstyle and make it your own. Also, try and take inspiration from people around you, using the hairstyles of loved ones, colleagues, and even strangers to help find your style!

Consult with a Beverly May Hair Specialist in Adelaide

Beverly May Hair can help you choose the right style for your face. Whether you know the shape of your face or you need help from the very beginning, we’re here to help. We understand the importance of finding your style and we personalise each consultation based on a patient’s needs.

All consultations are treated with the utmost respect, care, and privacy. We know that hair loss can sometimes be a sensitive and personal issue. The Beverly May Hair practitioners are here to ensure you are guided through the entire process, making your hair restoration journey enjoyable.

At Beverly May, we help take the stress out of buying a wig. If you are after a quality hair piece that will last, speak to us today. Either call us on (08) 8232 3448 or email us at info@beverlymay.com.au. Our professional and caring staff will guide you through the entire styling process.