As the weather gets cooler and the chance of getting rained on increases, it’s time to explore easy peasy hair taming options. We’ve selected some of our favourite low mainteance, frizz wrangling styles, to help you through the inclement weather..


The “i just woke up like this” ponytail


Super easy to achieve and best done on second day or later hair, the first day will make it too smooth and perfect, which will kill this style.  You want to pull the hair back in to a pony without brushing your hair, once it’s secured slightly tug back and forth on the crown of your head, then release a few haphazard strands around your face.


Sleek pony with a side of poof


This upstyle is best achieved by brushing you hair, then back combing the crown section,  slicking all the hair back in a tight ponytail. Once it’s secured you can then use a tail comb gently inserted in to the crown section to lift the top until a little poof is achieved, then spray hairspray on a brush and slick back and frizz you’ve created.



Top Knot


This is one of my favourite up styles at the moment.  You need dirty hair, grab a top section, wrap it around itself and then secure with bobby pins, gently tug at bits to make it look less perfect.


Side up Loopey thingy


This style basically speaks for itself…loop up the top section and presto.. I find hairstyles like this work best when I don’t over think them.  So I tend to not look in the mirror when trying to achieve these kinds of looks, I tend to pull it when there’s less effort involved.


The half committed braid


With a braid like this I recommend large sections and only doing about three passes on each side, once all the hair is in the braid, tie off and wrap some hair from underneath around to finish it off, so there’s no unsightly fluro hair bands exposed..

What’s your favourite effortless hairstyle?
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