3 Reasons You Should Consider a Hairpiece, Extension or Wig

Hair replacement solutions and products have advanced far beyond that ugly, old-fashioned toupee. As a woman, you can change up your look by investing in handmade and custom designed hairpieces, wigs or hair extensions.

When you choose the right salon, you can have services performed that will look both natural and stunning.

If you don’t know too much about hairpieces, wigs or extensions, we’ll go over a few reasons why you should consider them below.


Suffering from Hair Loss or Thinning

Many women suffer from hair loss in silence and frustration. They are ashamed of their hair thinning, female pattern balding, alopecia or split crown, believing that these conditions make them less of a woman. They become embarrassed, self-conscious, and they hide away for fear of judgement.

If you have any of these conditions, it’s important to know that there are incredible solutions out there for you. Depending on the severity of your hair loss or thinning, you can choose between wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions to give you back that full head of hair that you deserve.

Wigs give you absolute full coverage of your scalp and you can have them professionally fitted and styled to complement your face. Hairpieces generally only cover a portion of your scalp, so you can talk to your stylist about the best way to make your handmade hairpiece look natural and glamorous. Both hairpieces and wigs can be made with human hair, natural looking heat defiant as well as synthetic.

Hair extensions are better used for those who suffering from thinning hair, as they add that extra bit of length and volume to make you look and feel your absolute best.


Become a New You!

Looking for a change of pace when you look in the mirror? Have a special event, like a wedding or a party, coming up? Enjoy changing your hairstyle with your clothes? Then maybe temporary yet realistic and custom-made hair replacement solutions are perfect for you!

Many more women are taking the opportunity to have amazing and high-quality hair replacement products at their fingertips to try on a new look. You can get wigs and hair extensions in any number of colours, lengths and cuts, so why not give it a try? Wondering if you can pull off a black bob? Wear a wig around for a while to see if it feels right. Want to pull off the ombre look but afraid of damaging your own locks? Get some lighter coloured extensions and see how you like the look.


Get More Volume and Length

Even if you aren’t suffering from any medical thinning condition, you may just not be able to get the volume or the length that you’ve been dreaming of. For some people, this won’t change no matter how many times you go to sleep with your hair coconut-oiled and plastic-wrapped. Blame it on your genes, but don’t blame your resolve. Wearing a wig or hairpiece, or getting hair extensions, is the perfect way to get the long, thick locks that you’ve always wanted.



Give Yourself the Hairstyle You Deserve!

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