To say your hairdresser has helped shape who you are as a person might at first sound dramatic, but in my case it’s the truth. I have been a client at Beverly May hair for Seven years. At the time I was nineteen years old and had been recently diagnosed with lupus, a systemic autoimmune disease which can affect many parts of your body (including the joints, skin, kidney, heart, lungs, blood vessel, brain and hair). While being unwell was challenging enough the treatment was harsh and resulted in dramatic hair loss to my already fragile hair. It was heartbreaking and although I knew, rationally, beauty is not about external appearance, my confidence was at an all time low. My hair had been part of my identity, it was a form of self expression and it made me feel beautiful. Losing it when I already felt so sick was like rubbing salt in an open wound.

I tried many different hair salons, hair extensions (tape, glue, beads) and special treatments to combat the hair loss. It actually made the problem worse, especially the hair extensions which I found damaged my already fragile hair even more. By the time I found Beverly May Hair I was desperate. I felt sick, I look sick and I was miserable. I cried in my consult, which was so embarrassing because it was “just hair”, but I couldn’t help the way that I felt. My distress was met with so much empathy, understanding and kindness. Bev understood where I was coming from and she spent so much time talking me through the options I had. We ended up going ahead with some hair extensions, but her method of putting them in resulted in NO damaged to my natural hair and allowed it to continue growing.

The difference it made to my self confidence was immediate. I felt beautiful again and I was SO happy. Since coming to Beverly May Hair seven years ago I haven’t been to another salon. My cuts, colours, alternative hair, EVERYTHING is done there. Bev often jokes that it’s my heaven (she’s not wrong). I adore every single member of her staff and they all look after my hair now, they are so talented, knowledgeable and understanding. The environment in the salon is so safe and comfortable and over the years I have watched them help so many women. They have helped me get back my self confidence and feel beautiful again. It has affected my life in more ways than I could possibly describe. I am so, so grateful. The staff at Beverly May aren’t just hair stylists, they are some of the most passionate, caring and amazing women I know- – and I don’t know a stronger woman than Bev.

I’m lucky that over the years my health has improved and my own hair (while still thin and fragile) has grown a lot. I now wear a full head of 22 inch Carla Lawson wefts (LOVE) and a Jon Renau topper which the girls customised for me (Obsessed). I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my hair and I recommend this salon to absolutely everyone, I refuse to go anywhere else. Also, be cheeky and ask for an extra brownie with your coffee. Trust me, they’re the best brownies in the world.