I wasn’t blessed with thick hair, and although I had tried lots of different methods, all I seemed to have done was to make my hair worse. Then I was introduced to Beverly May by my daughter and my life has not been the same since!

I no longer have to rush off to the hairdressers every time I have a special occasion – now I simply ‘pop my hair on’ and presto! I look and feel years younger.

My colour is perfect – always, and my hair looks perfect – always!

Thank you Beverly.


I have always hated having fine hair. I always felt restricted as to what I could do with it, as it is so limp getting volume is hard and growing it just makes it look wispier. I had worn hair extensions for a while and this helped the thickness but my hair on the top still gave me away.

When Beverly showed me her new TRU style clip-in hair pieces I was excited. I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked and how easy it is for me to do my hair each morning. I don’t even need the hair extensions any more.


My skin specialist stated I had ‘frontal fibrosing alopecia’… a friend suggested I see Beverly May, my confidence has now been restored.

Hair loss in females can be very demoralising, but it’s not the end of the world – there IS a solution.


I have been aware for some time that my hair has been thinning and that this was evident in other female family members. I decided to get a hair piece that was tailored to my specific needs.

I am delighted and reassured that as my hair continues to thin as I age I have a great alternative.


I had been going through a lot of stress when I first started to notice my always thick hair was falling out. As a female in her twenties this was devastating. I got taped in extensions which temporarily made me feel better until I realised that they were in fact making my problem so much worse – they were too heavy for my weak hair and more was falling out…

The day I was fitted with my new Beverly May TRU hair™ piece was very emotional. I’d forgotten what it was like to have my normal thick hair and was worried about my work mates noticing. They did notice – but no one picked up that I was wearing a hair piece. They all told me how great I looked. I simply told them that I had gotten new hair extensions! I’m so grateful to Beverly and am so much happier.


I am so happy with my new hair; it looks so natural that although people notice that something is different about my appearance, nobody guesses that I’m wearing a hair piece. Thanks Beverly!