At Beverly May Hair, we don’t just provide the finest hair extensions and natural wigs in Adelaide.

We also have a full range of hair styling and care products that you can buy online to keep your locks healthy and looking their best. Whether it’s the hair you were born with or one of our all-natural extensions or wigs, hair needs care.


Our Range of Hair Care Styling Products


Beverly May Curlers


Beverly May Curlers are specially designed for people with hair extensions. While traditional curlers put a lot of pressure on your hair, these hair styling products curl your hair pressure-free. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and they deliver frizz-free results.


Shampoo and Conditioner from Beverly May


We are proud to stock EKS Comfort Shampoo and Elasticity leave-in conditioner as well as Hairon’s herbal conditioner, shampoo, and growth promoting essences for healthier, shinier hair.


The EKS hair products contain no proteins or keratins, making them suitable for use with hair extensions. They also soothe irritated scalps and contain antioxidants that moisturise and rejuvenate damaged skin or hair.


Rejuvenating Hair Masks


We also stock a range of hair treatment masks you can buy online. The EKS Elasticity Mask provides deep hydration for your hair, returning firmness, eliminating frizz, and protecting your hair throughout the day.


Our Intercosmo I’lMagnifico mask is a spray-on hair treatment that provides 10 amazing benefits, including repairing, moisturising, de-frizzing, and lending shine to your hair.


Mason Pearson Hairbrush


We consider it an honour to offer prestigious Mason Pearson hair brushes. These premium hair styling products are handmade in England using the finest boar bristle for a gentle brush – even on curls – that perfectly distributes natural oils and exfoliates the scalp.


Hair Extension and Wig Accessories


Our range of accessories for hair extensions and wigs includes specialised TRU Clips to easily turn our range of hair extensions into clip-ons, and Headline It! – a line product that wicks away sweat from under your wig.


Browse Our Adelaide Hair Products Shop


You can browse through our hair styling products below, or browse through the categories on the right side and check out our wigs and hair pieces here, or just give us a call on 08 8232 3448. You can also enquire online to find out more.

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