Looking for Natural Human Hair Extensions?


Beverly May Hair is Adelaide’s favourite destination for amazing 100% natural human hair extensions and the best in synthetic options. More than just a hairdresser; Beverly May is committed to providing for the needs of women – whether you’re looking for a bold new look or dealing with the results of alopecia, female pattern balding, thinning hair, or other hair loss problems.


What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are simply a way of adding length, volume or both to your hair by seamlessly incorporating synthetic or natural hair. Methods for achieving hair extension include tape-in, clip-in, and clip-on extensions, the fusion method, and wigs.


Benefits of Natural Human Hair Extensions


At Beverly May, we primarily work with natural hair extensions and wigs. These are a superior option in every way. Natural extensions can be permed, dyed, and flat ironed whereas synthetic hair cannot. However, we do also create synthetic extensions and wigs to the highest quality possible so do check our Wigs page to find more information.


A Popular Hair Care Solution for any event


Hair extensions are very popular with women throughout Adelaide and it’s not hard to understand why. There are so many applications! Some of the reasons why women’s look for natural human hair extensions are:


  • Fashion – hair extensions offer almost endless possibilities for your hair. Want to have a new hairstyle every day of the week? Now you can! Want to dye your hair a creative colour without damaging it? Dye your extensions or a wig instead!


  • Hair care – if you style your hair quite intensively, it’s important to give it a break now and then; many women use extensions simply to give their real hair a rest.


  • Medical reasons – if you’re experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, female pattern balding, trichotillomania, or even chemotherapy, extensions or a hairpiece can help you regain your confidence.


A Range of Hair Extension Styles


At Beverly May, we offer three unique hair extension styles: TRU Points, TRU Skins, and TRU Tips.


  • TRU Points are a fast, easy, and gentle hair extension option that creates completely natural-looking length and volume in minutes. TRU Points are also reusable, making them very cost-effective.


  • TRU Skins are an ideal solution for hair loss sufferers. They attach directly to your scalp but are very gentle on remaining or recovering hair underneath.


  • TRU Tips involves single lengths of hair that are attached without glue or chemical. They’re connected at many anchor points to achieve undetectable thickness, length, and volume.


To know more about Beverly May Hair Extensions different styles or products in detail, visit here. 


Have you been hearing about hair extensions but you aren’t very sure about it?


Many women’s don’t know what they missing out on because they never tried human hair extensions. If you have any bad experience we ensure we do our best to enhance your look and help you regain your confidence.


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