What different styles or types of Hair Extensions do we Stock?

Beverly May Hair offers different types or style of hair extensions to suit different hair types, hair conditions, and aesthetic preferences. Whether you need a gentle application for your sensitive hair or scalp, hair extensions that can seamlessly cover large areas of thinning or lost hair or a flexible systems for easy style changes, Beverly May can help.

Range of Hair Extensions Applications

So before we get into different styles or types of hair extensions Beverly May Hair offers, the first thing you need to know about hair extensions is that they come in real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. We stock human hair extensions only and to know more about how extensions are made, benefits of human hair extensions vs synthetic read more here. So, now let’s get into the different types of extension applications –

  • Our TRU Points hair extensions Style are a reusable, cost-effective way to add length and volume to your hair. TRU Points is also very gentle on your hair due to its unique attachment method. They are perfect for fine hair and for people just wanting to fill in an area, like a bob.
  • TRU Skins are a revolutionary hair replacement system especially suited to sufferers of alopecia, thinning hair, or other hair loss. TRU Skins attach in a way that causes minimal strain on any natural hair and act like a curtain of hair
  • TRU Tips is the ideal choice if you’re looking for quick, flexible extensions that can be moved, heat-styled, and coloured to suit your style.
  • Wefts are handmade and can be custom made to your exact specifications

Read below for further information about each style of hair extensions and demonstration videos.


Beverly May Hair TRU points hair extension type are a breakthrough in Hair Technology that will transform your dull, lifeless, fine or short hair in a matter of hours, allowing you to create the look you have always wanted.

Unlike other extensions on the market, Beverly May Hair TRU points are much gentler on your hair because the procedure involves attaching a link of your new TRU point to a lock of your natural hair. TRU points are reusable, making them cost-effective hair extensions as well.

How Many Extensions Do I Need?

Finer heads of hair generally require around 60–80 Beverly May TRU point Extensions. Average density heads require approximately 80–120 and heavier density hair 120 or more.

Each extension takes under one minute to attach. Your new, thicker and longer hair will look so natural that nobody will be able to tell the difference, except to tell you how great your new hair looks! That’s because Beverly May TRU points use 100% human Remy hair, which is virtually undetectable.


TRU skins type of hair extension is a revolutionary new hair-lengthening and volumising solution that will adorn your dome with a shimmering veil of the highest-quality hair. Layered and draped according to the unique, natural shape of your head, TRU skins are almost completely undetectable once attached. They offer a comfortable solution for hair loss, thinning hair, and alopecia sufferers.

Created to look like strands falling naturally from individual follicles, TRU skins are attached via Beverly May’s unique fastening system. This means no damaging glues, chemicals, waxes or weaves like other hair extension systems.

Protecting your own hair is paramount to the Beverly May ethos. TRU skins sit snugly against the scalp, allowing a layer of real hair to drape over and completely cover the point at which the extensions are attached. They provide the look of thick hair extensions without damaging the scalp or natural hair. 

TRU skins are attached via multiple points. This means far less tension on the natural hair, allowing it to grow and rejuvenate beneath. TRU skins are available in 30 shades and can be colour-matched to clients’ hair.

More Information on TRU Skins Hair Extensions

  • TRU skins are available in 18-inch lengths and can be customised to achieve desired lengths and styles.
  • TRU skins are easily adaptable for use with clips, meaning versatility for those preferring temporary extensions.
  • TRU skins can be washed, blow-dried and heat-styled.
  • TRU skins are quick and easy to apply.


TRU tips is a Beverly May Hair patented hair extension type involving single lengths of hair attached at many anchor points to achieve undetectable thickness, length, and volume. The best part is that application is completely glue and chemical-free, and as long as you maintain your hair extensions properly, no damage to natural hair occurs. TRU tips keep the health and condition of the hair as a top priority.

TRU tips blend seamlessly, created to look like strands falling naturally – perfect for those who wear their hair up. These hair extensions can be coloured in 30 shades, colour-matched to your hair and heat-styled, and still remain in top condition. They move easily and freely for styling purposes.

For the best hair extensions in North Adelaide, look no further than TRU tips.

Looking after your Extensions?

How long do they last? Once again this depends on how well you take care of them, that you attend regular maintenance appointments, what products you use and how often you apply heat styling products to them. Read here to know what our experts have to say on how to look after your extensions.

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