If you have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy, unfortunately, the chance of hair loss is very real. At Beverly May Hair in Adelaide, we understand this can be a very daunting time for both you and your loved ones, which is why we are here to offer hair loss advice and temporary hair solutions to help you feel and look your best again. We know how important hair can be for your self-esteem and your overall appearance.


Chemotherapy and hair loss

Why does it occur?

Chemotherapy drugs are very powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer and other cells in your body – including those in your hair roots. Did you know that Chemotherapy may cause hair loss all over your body and not just scalp? Talk to your doctor about the medication you’ll be taking and what should you expect. But most of the time hair loss from Chemotherapy is temporary as they will regrow after three to six months once your treatment ends. 


What should you expect?

As mentioned earlier, hair usually begins falling out two to four weeks after you start your treatment. Whether your hair thinks or completely bald it depends on your treatment. People with cancer report hair loss as a distressing side effect of treatment. While it may take several weeks after treatment for your hair to recover and begin growing again there are different hair loss solutions you can look into and Beverly May Hair Clinic in Adelaide have few options that we can recommend. 


How to Slow Down Hair Loss


To slow down hair loss caused by chemotherapy, we recommend that you stay away from shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or salicylic acid as they cause dryness. We stock a range of great options here.


Also, where you can, avoid colouring, perming or chemically straightening your hair. If you need to, please speak to our hair specialists to avoid unnecessary damage. Use a soft-bristle hairbrush, such as the Mason Pearson Brush to avoid pulling and let your hair air dry to avoid heat damage from hair dryers.


Beverly May Hair Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solution in Adelaide


For a post hair loss solution, we have a range of natural-looking and comfortable hair products in different styles and colours. 


Managing Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy

Managing hair loss due to any reason focuses solely on your own comfort, or discomfort with baldness, watching your head warm in a cool climate or protecting from the sun in warm summers.  Here are the following options: 


Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs or Hair Pieces

We recommend choosing your wig or hair piece at the beginning of your treatment so you can match the natural colour, texture and style of your hair.


Our qualified hairdressers in Adelaide have lots of experience with wigs and can help you to choose the perfect one for you. They can also provide you with professional styling, fitting and cutting and wig care instructions.


Invisible Hair Grafting


Invisible hair grafting is a safe procedure, where hair is attached to the skin using a medically recommended adhesive. Because your hair will start to grow back after chemotherapy, invisible hair grafting is a great option because it allows your hair to freely grow undamaged through the adhesive. You can also wear the hair addition during everyday activities such as exercising or swimming, helping you get back to feeling yourself in all aspects of your life.


For more information about our hair replacement solutions, contact Beverly May Hair in Adelaide today on 08 8232 3448