We Recommend Washing Your Human Hair  Wig Every 6-8 Wears



Oiling your Wig



How to put on your wig

TIP: if you have a lace front wig, do not to pull or stretch the lace, use ear tabs to adjust wig placement on the head


Please return your wig to the Beverly May Salon on a monthly basis for a deep conditioning treatment, this will ensure you get the best out of your wig and may prevent any issues arising. Ask us about our loyalty program


Make sure you comb the hair thoroughly after each wash and every day.  When detangling the hair, please start from the ends and work up little by little to the scalp. Hold the base with the other hand to keep it from shedding and causing root tension. We recommend using Ilmagnifico spray on the ends.  Avoid using shine products on the root area as it may prematurely cause shedding


Only brush your Wig when it is completely dry. If hair is damp to wet use a wide tooth comb.  Brushing should be done carefully to avoid root tension.  Extreme tugging may result in the loss of hair in the wig. Brush the wig before each wear.

Blow Drying

Take care when stretching the hair and do not use blow dryer on its highest heat setting (your skin is a good indicator of heat).  Do not brush or tug abruptly when drying the hair


Do not sleep in your Wig

Dry Ends

To keep hair from becoming too dry or frizzy we recommend weekly Jojoba oil treatments prior to shampooing.  Jojoba oil left on the hair overnight is very effective.  Your Wig does not have the benefit of your own natural scalp oils, so Jojoba oil will help to replace those necessary oils in the hair shaft. Please refer to Shampoo and Conditioning instructions.

Chlorine and Salt Water

Chlorine and salt water have been known to damage hair used in Wig. Chlorinated pools, spas, saunas and ocean water can cause irreparable damage to the hair.  You have been advised not to expose your Wig / Hair Piece to chlorinated and/or salt waters and do so at your own risk.


Chemical Usage

It would be advisable NOT to chemically treat this hair yourself.  You MUST ONLY seek the advice of your Beverly May Hair Specialist.  Chemically treating the Wig / Hair Piece hair yourself may cause irreparable damage to your your Wig / Hair Piece. 



Some hair sheds out of some Wig / Hair Pieces easier than others.  Curly and longer hair will commonly shed hair more rapidly than a short Wig / Hair Piece.  Shedding of hair is considered very normal. 



We highly recommend that you remain in close contact with your Wig / Hair Piece Specialist so that if at any time a question arises about your Wig / Hair Piece, you can receive professional advice immediately.


Hair Accessories

We recommend that you strictly take the advice of your Wig / Hair Piece Specialist and only use the products recommended by the Specialist.  Using the recommended Brush, EKS Shampoos and Conditioner, Blown Away, Argan Smooth Treatment Mist, Ghost Mist, illmagnifico Leave-in Detangler and Weightless Volumizing Foam will greatly, Evy Dryer and Straightner and Beverly May Curler increase your success with your Wig / Hair Piece.


Recommended Products – Must Haves (as at March 2017, prices are subject to change)

Argan Smooth Shampoo 250mls                         $32.95

Argan Smooth Conditioner 250mls                      $32.95


EKS Scalp Comfort Shampoo 1 litre                    $89.00            250ml $34.95

EKS Mask 500ml                                                     $79.00            200ml $49.50

Blow Dry Balm                                                          $41.50

Ghost Mist 178ml                                                     $42.00


Argan Smooth Mist 59.1ml                                     $32.95

Wide Tooth Comb                                                    $9.95

Brush                                                                         $21.95


Optional Products


Volumizing Foam 250ml                                        $41.95

3 Way Hairspray                                                       $39.95

Jojoba Oil 500ml                                                      $75.00

Jojoba Oil Brush                                                      $20.00

Clamp                                                                                    $20.00

Headline It Wig Liner (box of 10)                          $30.00



A thorough discussion and demonstration about Client Home Care and Avoidance of Common risks should take place with every new client, to pinpoint, troubleshoot and avoid possible bad habits that may inadvertently cause complications over the next several weeks.

Very rarely is a Wig / Hair Piece supplied from the manufacturer with hair coming loose.  A few shedding hairs left on the base from the original hand tying are to be expected.  But there are a number of actions that can cause excessive hair loss AFTER delivery of your Wig / Hair Piece.

All of the following can cause premature and excessive hair loss:

low ph hair care products have been specially formulated to constantly smooth and seal the cuticles that are always opening up on human hair.  No other hair care products have been uniquely designed to help minimize rough combing, matting or tangling of human Wig / Hair Pieces.


The following information is offered to help you understand the causes of matting and tangling in human hair wigs and Wig / Hair Pieces and the simple answers for minimising these problems.

In the vast majority of handmade Wig / Hair Pieces, the hair is knotted to a mesh base.  This means the same hair is going out from the knot in two different directions.  This also means the cuticles are going in two different directions.  These types of products have had the hair chemically “smoothed” or “sealed”, (typically known as decuticlization) to minimize hair tangling.  Products that have implanted hair (all going in the same direction) have all of their cuticles in-tact, but will also be prone to matting and tangling.

All of the following can cause premature and excessive matting and tangling

 Friction: Generally around the neck line on full wigs, or in permanent Wig / Hair Pieces.  Caused from rubbing sweat or necklaces.  Constant friction damages the hair and opens the cuticle.



If tangling from excessive friction occurs, comb it out immediately and gently with our wide tooth comb, using a small amount of Ilmagnifico or Ghost Mist.  Avoid using too much conditioner, emulsify conditioner in your hands first



All Wig / Hair Pieces carry a guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.

Note:  This guarantee only applies for Human Hair Wigs / Hair Pieces

They are NOT guaranteed against:

Blondes need special care.  Remember, they were originally a brownish/black color and have been processed to this beautiful shade of blonde.  Please treat them with care.

Please be aware that colours fade due to washing and environmental factors, your wig / hair piece will need to be recoloured roughly every 12 weeks by your Beverly May Specialist.